The Nursery areas at Harvest Church are designed with your little one in mind.

Our Infant Nursery (ages 0-crawling) is complete with all the essentials to care for your newborn. We also offer a private nursing area for new mothers.

The Wee Wons classroom (ages crawling-2) has interactive toys and play stations to engage your little one. Each week children hear a simple Bible lesson, sing songs, and do age-appropriate crafts.

Childcare Process & Security

Child registration is done at the time you drop off your child (10:15-10:30 a.m.).

Note: We will require some basic information from you when you drop your child off for the first time.

Child Drop Off: When you drop off your child, you will be issued a security card  bracelet with your child’s number on it.  During service, if you see your child’s number flash on the screen, it means we require your assistance in your child’s class. Please proceed to your child’s class immediately to assist.

Child Pick Up: Please keep your child’s security card with you, as it is required to pick up your child from his or her class after service. Please note that only parents/guardians will be allowed to pick up children, and must present the child’s wristband at the time of pick up.