Kidz-N-Coats exists to provide NEW Winter coats to children in need. Every year South Dakota receives winter weather for 4-6 months, often enduring large amounts of snow, sub zero temperatures and freezing rain. Have you ever stopped to think about kids in the area who may not have a winter coat?

Our current economy has left many families in need. In Sioux Falls along, we have ten Title I schools in which over 60% of the students are on free or reduced income lunches. Many of these students come to school without winter coats, hats, or gloves. Sioux Falls is also home to a large influx of refuges, fleeing bad political, social, and economic conditions. Although they are now safe, the challenges of starting over can be overwhelming!

Our goal is to provide a helping hand. The need is great and immediate!

Why purchase NEW Winter Coats you might ask? A child’s self esteem is ever developing and in need of nurturing. We feel that giving a child a NEW coat will boost self esteem and give each child a sense of pride and well being. We want them to know that we care to give the very best!

If you’re interested in serving at this years handout, please fill out the form below.