So glad to be home!

Hello Church Family:

What a great day today, I pray you are all doing well and having a blessed week to this point.  Let me start by saying thank to all the dream team and staff for your help and service over the past weeks that Djuana and I have been away.  We truly pastor one of the best Churches on the planet when it comes to team spirit.  Also, I want to say thanks to Tamien for sharing this past Sunday.  I have heard from many that it was an amazing word from the Lord.

I can tell you it is good to be home.  It seems the past 4 weeks have been filled with lots of travel, motel stays, and more family than I am use to.  But we are home now and ready to finish our summer well.

Over the past few weeks I have had a chance to really pray and seek the Lord for what is next for Harvest Church, and I want to share just a few thoughts coming up in the series this month entitled “Why Do I”:

Its amazing how many things I do that I never think about, but just do them.  Some habits like prayer for instance.  Sometimes I will pray out of habit rather than passion….or attend church out of duty rather than opportunity and excitement.

I recently read a book where the author talked about the “doldrums of life”.  The place where things are motionless and void of movement.  I’m sure like me, all of you would say you’ve been there at times in your life.  Where we find ourselves drifting, or disconnected from God in some area of life, or disconnected from good friends that hold us accountable.

In 2 Timothy 1:16 Paul has a friend that he says, “Visited and encouraged me often, and his visits where like a BREATH OF FRESH AIR”.  I know all of us have someone like that in our lives, but I also know the relationship we have with God is like that, (or can be).

Just take a moment today and remember Why you DO love God, love people, pray for the lost to know Jesus, or simply why you are a part of a serving team.  I think the reason will always go beyond YOU.

I hope you come this Sunday, and I hope you find someone to bring with you.  We Love being your Pastors.

Pastors Charlie & Djuana