Jesus Is Our Shepherd

“Who Is Jesus to You?” Sermon Series, Part II

Wisdom for your week: Take time to KNOW Jesus as Shepherd/Pastor and EXPERIENCE Him. Your life will never be the same when you do!

This weekend, I challenged you to look at Jesus as Shepherd, which ultimately means “pastor”. Look at Psalm 23 and you will find 6 things Jesus as Shepherd does:

  1. The Shepherd Provides: You lack nothing. He takes care of your needs. (Remember to stay in right relationship with Him)
  2. The Shepherd Restores: He will bring you back to place where perhaps you departed or went astray.
  3. The Shepherd Leads: He leads us down paths where his name is on them. This brings us fulfillment, abundance and His best. Be careful in taking paths that don’t have his name on them.
  4. The Shepherd Supports: He is always with us.
  5. The Shepherd Defends: Jesus says “don’t worry, I got this!”
  6. The Shepherd Blesses: His blessing literally chases us down.


I will see you on Sunday at 10:30 am. Please be in prayer this week for our church and bring someone new with you!

Remember also the Power of A Half Hour, which is prayer for our service and church, taking place 9:30-10:00 am each Sunday in the infant nursery. In one half hour, things can be changed with prayer!

– Pastor Charlie Dial