The Journey Sermon – 4 Principles to Change Your Life!

I hope you are staying warm today! But more importantly, that you are encouraged to live today with a fresh passion! Remember that your best day is right now!

I am going to recap the 4 Principles that will change your life from Sunday’s message (1/19/14), The Journey (if you apply them).

4 Principles to Change Your Life

  1. Be content with your life. Don’t wait for circumstances to change for you to be happy and joyful. (1 Timothy 6:6-8)
  2. Consider your vocation your ministry location. Everyone is a minister. God has someone in your life this very moment that you can love, care for, serve and example truth to. (Acts 18:1-4)
  3. Be faithful in small things. God is watching what you are doing with what you have right now! (Luke 16:10-12)
  4. Honor the Lord in everything. What are you doing with the talents, time and ability you have been given? (Matthew 25:23; Eph 5:16)


Life is too short and too great to live below where God has intended for you to live. Let’s live higher and reach new heights together.

I will see you on Sunday at 10:30 am!

Pastor Charlie Dial