Learning to Forgive Through Jesus

Good Morning!

Well, here we go with some white stuff. I hope you are all having a great day no matter what!

I must admit that this message series is touching my heart and I pray yours too. I know God is at work and doing great things here at Harvest. I believe a White Christmas (forgiveness) is His desire also.

Here are a few of my notes from Sunday:

We feel these things when we are offended:

  • Betrayed
  • Falsely accused
  • Rejection
  • Abuse
  • Humiliated or embarrassed

This is the same list of things that Jesus experienced the week of his death. He experienced and felt all of these things because we would go through them.

Remember, Jesus is our high priest, communicating with and acting as our attorney to the Father. He qualifies to represent us and be the authority because he had gone through it. And he will say to the Father, I remember what that’s like. Father forgive them, for they know not what the do.

And the same goes for us, people are going to offend us and hurt us and we can make this same choice to see them through the eyes of Jesus and choose to believe that they don’t know what they are doing. In doing this, remember these things:

  • You need forgiveness too.
  • Refocus on who the real enemy is.
  • Receive God’s love, it builds the capacity to love.


I will see you on Sunday as we conclude this message and discuss the Ghost of Christmas Past. And we also have Growth Track, Essentials 201. Plan to stay and grow in your walk. Childcare and food provided.

~Pastor Charlie Dial