7 Actions to Restore Your Spirit

Good morning!

What’s that white stuff???…yup, I refuse to say that four-letter word! No worries though! God is still so good!

So this morning, I want to lay out all of the points again on the “how to’s” from Sunday’s message: The Great Restoration.

7 Actions to Restore Your Spirit

  1. Learn the Word.
  2. Know the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
  3. Deny your flesh.
  4. Have a sincere desire to change and have a vision for a new level of life.
  5. Speak your faith and vision, NOT your fears and limitations.
  6. Relate to people who are going where you want to go.
  7. Keep your mind focused and restored to God’s Word and His will no matter what comes.

I am praying for you today! Praying that no matter what you have going on in life (and trust me, we’ve all got messy stuff at times), God is restoring your heart to His; taking the old and making you new. Focus on Him and all of His goodness. His ways and thoughts are better than yours!

I will see you on Sunday and remember again to invite someone to come with you. We had two salvations on Sunday…this week could be your friend and loved ones!

-Pastor Charlie Dial

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