Make His Word Your Focus

holybibleGood Morning,

First of all, Djuana and I want to say thank you for honoring us on Sunday. It is truly an honor to serve Christ at Harvest Church.

The Great Restoration has really been getting into my heart and I hope yours also. On Sunday, we touched on the how to renew the spirit of our mind: Through a consistent walk with God.

For restoration and breakthrough to happen in any area of our life, we must be consistent. If we want a good marriage, be good parents, to be healthy and fit; consistency is required. It is no different spiritually.

So what is a consistent walk with God? #1. We learn His Word

There is no doubt that whatever we look at the longest, whatever we focus on the most, becomes a part of us and becomes the strongest factor in our lives.

I encourage you today, to make the Word be the thing that you are focused on so that it is the strongest factor in your life, propelling you to live higher.

We will continue with the other points of a consistent walk with God on Sunday and I can’t wait to share them with you at 10:30! See you then and remember to bring yourself and someone else!