Setting Our Attitudes Right and Developing Loving Relationships

Good Morning Church Family,

I hope you all are having a RENEWED and blessed week so far.  It was great to see all of you that made it to church on Sunday.  I hope you are taking what the Holy Spirit shared and renewing your heart to it this week.

If you’re having a hard time remembering or if you were not able to make it this week…let me reiterate a few thoughts.  Eph. 4:23 says, “and be RENEWED in the spirit of your mind.” Remember, your attitude will determine your altitude.  Our attitude in life often times is a determining factor in how high we live or how low we live.  Paul said that we could be “transformed” (changed if you would) by the renewing or the restoring of our minds.  Let’s not let the old man be in charge of our lives today….chose to renew the spirit of your mind to what God says about you today.

The second thought that I want to point out was not mentioned Sunday in my message, but rather it is something that God has dealt with me about this week.  Recently I gave some of you a survey to fill out, which I am most thankful for.  The survey graded us on many things, and while we scored high in several of the areas…there was one that was low…it was the area of “LOVING RELATIONSHIPS”.  My prayer this week is that we understand what it means to love the body, and how that Jesus even said, that if you want people to know that you are my disciples, it will be because you LOVE ONE ANOTHER….(John 13:35)  I pray you take time to drop a note to someone this week WITHIN the church that you don’t normally contact and encourage them.  You never know what people are going through and sometimes a LOVING, ENCOURAGING WORD can make things better.

Remember, God is your source: the government may shut down, but God never does!

I pray that I see all of you at Harvest Church on Sunday at 10:30.

Harvest Church is all about Connecting Hearts to God and Each Other.
Pastor Charlie