Internet Safety: 2 Steps to Protecting Yourself and Family from Tabnabbing

Web browser ‘Tabnabbing”… It’s what the new security exploit is called when someone wants to trick you into thinking you’re logging into your email or facebook account when you have multiple browser tab’s open. With the advancement of new browsers that have “tabs” (which allow you to have many websites open on one browser window), come new ideas, not all of them good.

You can watch the full news story on YouTube by clicking on the link – – or watching the video after the break:

But basically, Tabnabbing is when your browsing the web and you come across an article or site that looks interesting and you right click on it to open it in a new tab. After the new tab opens, you switch back to finish the original article before moving onto the next. Once back on the original articles tab, the one that you just open changes to the look of the screen to your email or facebook login page, tricking you into thinking you’re logging into your email or facebook. You then enter in your username and password and the site redirects you to the real page you’d normally log into, all the while collecting your email and password.

The video points out two things you can do to protect you and your family:
Check the url of the page before you log in – if it’s, make sure it’s and not something like
Use different passwords for different sites. Now this is a pain in the neck for people to remember, so one thing I use (and the video recommends) is to use a password manager. Two really good ones that have worked well for me is KeePass ( ) & LastPass ( ) – both of which have pros and cons
At the end of the day, you’ll save yourself and your family a lot of headaches and termoil by following these two simple steps.

Hope this helps & God Bless
-Tim S.