Emotions Follow our Thinking

Many people don’t realize their emotions follow their thinking.  Emotion doesn’t cause thinking.  It follows thinking.  So if you are blah and down and someone walks up to you and gets you to thinking about something good, suddenly your emotions come up.  The same is true in the opposite way.  If  I am feeling good, and someone gives me something negative to think about and I begin to give my thoughts to it, my emotions are down.  Our emotions will always follow our thinking.  Prov. 23:7 says, “For as a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” When we think good thoughts, our emotions are up and energy or power is apart of our life.  But when we think negatively, and the negative thoughts dominate our life, our emotions are down and we feel tired, depressed or discouraged.  When God said, his thoughts and ways were not ours, he wasn’t saying we couldn’t have his thoughts or ways.  In fact he gave us his thought and his ways through his word.  We can have power and energy in our lives by having the thoughts that are higher; God’s thoughts.  If our thoughts are negative today, let’s be quick to change so we can find the power we need to succeed.  Changing the thinking will change the emotion that follows.