Keep on Smiling

Aryn and I are in Chicago O’Hare again this morning and we were on a smile:) mission. As we sat enjoying our Starbucks…me a skinny Caramel Machiatto and Aryn a hot chocolate and muffin, we once again noticed that no matter how hard we tried, people would not smile. It was as if when smiled to, they were staring into the face of aliens from Mars (or Venus if you please)! We decided to make a sign on the back of our Starbucks bag. It simply read per Aryn’s dictation, “Keep on Smiling!” She sat smiling and holding the sign. We started counting the smiles and even counted a half smile. When our 9 1/2 smiler came across our path, we noticed that she was intently paying attention to the fact that we counted her. She kept going and about two minutes came back in our direction. She came over to us and told us that we had made her day. She said she wanted us to know that this little action made a significant impact on her day and that little things matter BIG. She asked if she could take Aryn’s picture because she¬†wanted to share it with her friends too and brighten their day! Yes! One person’s day made, Mission Accomplished!!!

P.S. Of the thousands that walked by…only 30 and a half smiles!:)