Facebook Membership in SD Passes up Denominations Membership

Crazy to think about the popularity of Facebook & social media; how it’s becoming more and more a means of communication and for some, a way of life (I’m talking to you farmvill’ians :)). Last week, I saw a lot of chatter from people on Twitter here in Sioux Falls, referring to a very interesting article published by The Post (http://thepostsd.com/2010/04/28/is-facebook-your-religion/).

In it, they state:

Facebook adds the population of South Dakota every day and right here in South Dakota over a third of the population is on Facebook according to Facebook’s ad stats.

This begs the question, is Facebook South Dakota’s new religion?

Which makes me also wonder, how we as Christians feel about this? Not only the question itself, but Facebooks popularity. I’m sure there’s a variety of feelings out there, from jealousy, to anger, to excitement, to disbelief or denial. Regardless of the varying opinions, there’s one thought that reigns true in my head, which is “What a great opportunity”.

We all know methods of delivering a message may change, but the people behind them will all be the same. There’s always a need for Jesus Christ, to accept his forgiveness and embrace his lordship.

So, what are we doing to utilize every method available to us to encourage, communicate & invoke the one true message everyone needs to hear; that Jesus Christ is Lord, he’s died and risen for our sins & is wanting a true relationship with His creation.

Something to think about.