Casting YOUR Cares on HIM

91God is not only interested in the big things that concern you; He is interested in the little things too. Sometimes we may think, “This problem is too small to bother God with.” “God is only interested in big things.” But God really is interested in the little things that trouble us. The Bible says that He knows about the little sparrow that falls to the ground (Matt. 10:29). He knows how many hairs we have on our heads.

What a great God we serve. He delights to take all of our yokes and all of our burdens and give us yokes that are easy and burdens that are light.  God desires to not only meet the needs of his children, but to hear the needs of his children.  Even though he knows them before we make mention of them, He desires to hear each one.

Recently, I spoke a message at our church of how in my early years of ministry I had what I called a Messiah complex.  A complex that said, I need to be able to fix every issue, hear every request, meet every need no matter how small or how big.  During that message to our church, I shared how I realized that I can’t carry or care for all those things that the church body has need of.

Now, some may think that I was saying that I don’t care.  But really nothing could be farther from the truth.  What I was and am saying, is only God can carry the cares and burdens of his children.  That’s the way he wants it, that’s the way he desires it and that’s the way he designed it.

In Exodus it says that Jethro came to Moses and said you need to appoint leaders over the people to hear their request because you can’t do it all.  Moses was a great pastor, but even he couldn’t meet the needs of all the people.  That’s why the bible says in Eph. 4 that growth comes to the body of Christ when every ligament is doing its share.

Hebrews says, “Let Us come boldly to the THRONE OF GRACE…that we might find help in our time of need.”  God has what all of us need. He can carry all of our issues in life.

Casting our cares on those around us or those we think are spiritual will never do what is needed.  But casting our cares upon the lord is not only biblical it is life changing.