What does it mean to be a Non-denominational church?

I have often been asked the question of, “what is a non-denominational church?”  Maybe you’ve wondered what a non-denominational church is.  What do they believe?  Why are they the fastest growing churches in America today?  The assumptions that many have about non-denominational churches are very broad.  I can remember once someone thought we were from a different culture because of a logo of the world we had on our sign out front.  I can recall someone not believing we were a church because of our building not being the typical church building.  All have been far from the truth.

Being a non-denominational Christian church simply means that we are not a member of a particular denomination such as Baptist, Lutheran, Roman Catholic, Methodist, etc. Being non-denominational does not mean that we are anti-denominational or practice a different type of religion. Harvest Church attracts people and families who simply believe in the Bible for answers to all the questions of life. The emphasis of the teaching, prayer, worship services, and our entire ministry is to provide hope to all people of all ages by pointing them towards a personal relationship with God.

At Harvest Church our goal is to fulfill the calling God has given to us as a local church.  We desire to live according to His Word, His Love, and His Grace with the label of Christians.   If you and I have received Jesus into our hearts, then we are a part of His Body, paid for by His blood. 


Let’s remember it was not our non-denomination or denomination that brought us to where we are today, it was our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.