“Play Doh” in the Hand of God.

Do you remember playing with Play Doh when you were a kid?  It was fun to be able to make something out of the colorful clay and then proudly display it as a work of art.  While it was fun to see the final product, the real work began when you grabbed a handful of the dough and began to form it into the object of your choice.  You could pinch, shape, press and mold it into whatever you wanted and there wre no limits to the creations you could come up with.  In the same way, God wants your life to be like putty, or Play Doh in His hands.  When we become like moldable clay, we allow ourselves to be formed into His image and put on display by Him for everyone to see.


The bible describes God as a potter, or someone who works pottery.  If you think about how pottery is made, its begins as soft clay that is easily handled.  Often, its is spun on a potter’s wheel until the desired shape or design is achieved.


Isaiah 64:8 says, “But now, O Lord, thou art our father; we are the clay, and thou our potter; and we all are the work of thy hand.”  Acknowledging that you are like clay in God’s hand is the first step to being used by Him to achieve His purpose in the Earth.  On the other hand, when you harden yourself against His guidance and direction, you position yourself for disaster.


Another way to describe being putty in God’s hand is to be pliable.  Essentially, it means having an obedient heart that is willing to change direction at a moment’s notice.  For Example, you may have an attitude or behavior that is not pleasing to God.  When you are pliable, you don’t argue with God or try to defend your behavior because you aren’t ready to let it go.  A pliable person sees where an adjustment needs to be make and immediately follows through on what God has said.  They do this simply because they love God too much to disobey or disappoint Him.


Being pliable also means being willing to let go of your plans and pursuits for your life if God tells you He wants you to do something different.  There was a time in my life that I believed with everything in me that i would play pro-baseball; it was MY plan for MY life.  But God had a different plan; one that included moving to beautiful and cold South Dakota and planting COTH!  I learned through some difficult experiences that it’s better in the long run to submit to God’s plan than to try and maintain your agenda.  Over time, I have become more pliable and have learned the benefits of submitting my will to the Lord’s will.


I wonder what would happen if Christians everywhere became committed to being putty in God’s hands.  I guarantee if that happened, the Body of Christ would accomplish much more for the Kingdom of God. From financial things, family things, relational things, to yielding to God’s plan for your life, when you are easily molded, God can do great things in and through you.