Like Arrows In Your Hand.

Psalm 127 3-5 says, “….Children are a heritage from the Lord,…Like arrows in the hand of a warrior, So are the children of one’s youth.  Happy is the parents who has their house full of them.”  

Let’s talk about our kids.  I know we all love to talk about our children.  I have three awesome kids who are amazing.  Zac (10yrs) is just as smart as I am (just ask him) and loves to be right about everything.  Caleb (8yrs) is much like his mom, compassionate and warm and truly keeps us laughing with his quick wit.  Aryn (5yrs) is my soft spoken, live and love life young woman.  She has her moms beauty, brains, joy and her dad’s….uh…well nothing really.

I am finding that as my Children grow, the things I focused on when they were smaller are really beginning to shine through and I am proud of the young people they are becoming.  I have certainly made my share of mistakes as a parent and I know I will make more.  However, the biggest mistake any of us as parents can make is not letting our children know how much we love them.

Now I know many of us would say, we do this by taking them places, buying them things.  We give them hugs and kisses every night before bed.  We tell them we love them more than anything in the world when they head off to school and before bedtime.  But I can’t help but wonder, “Do we spend the most valuable currency we have, on the things we say we love the most?”

Time.  Time is literally what makes the world go round.  I am finding more each day how time moves faster and faster.  As a summer lover, I spend time enjoying the warm air on the golf course or lake.  As a pastor I spend time meeting the needs of others.  As a husband I spend time with my wife.  All these things are good and right but time is a fixed income and you and I have to budget it.  I strive to spend as much time with my wife and kids as I can and I know I often fall short.

I want to remind you who have children still at home of something… they are still at home.  When they leave the time you have with them is stripped away and when they have kids of their own it only grows more difficult to find time

I say all this as a father, husband, and a son.  Spend time with your kids so they know you love them and so you can teach them how to love and spend time with their own family someday.