Moutains you weren’t made to climb:

I recently heard someone say, “God’s delight is received upon surrender, not awarded upon conquest.” 

What a great thought.  I want to share along that line some thoughts from my journal.  Things that over the years books, people, and the Lord have inspired in me. 

There are certain mountains only God can climb.  It’s not that we aren’t welcome to try.  It’s that we aren’t able to climb them.

If the word Savior is in your job description, it’s because you put it thereOur role is to help the world, not save it.  Mount Messiah is one mountain you weren’t made to climb.  Nor is mount Self-Sufficient.  We aren’t able to run the world, nor are we able to sustain it.  Some people think they can.  They are self-made.  They don’t bow thier knees, they just role up their sleeves and put in another 12 hour day… which may be enough when it comes to making a living or building a business.  But when we face our own grave or our own guilt, our power will not do the trick.

We were not made to run a kingdom, nor are we expected to be all-powerful.  And we certainly can’t handle all the glory.  Mount Applause is the most seductive of the three peaks.  The higher you climb the more people applaud. but the thinner the air becomes.  More than one person has stood at the top and shouted, “mine is the glory!” only to lose their balance and fall.

Let’s make sure that we do what God called us to do, and not what we want to do. 

The Bible says, “….Unless the Lord builds the house, we labor in vain.”