Salt -n- Light

Good Tuesday Everyone:

Let me begin, by saying, Happy Birthday to my Wonderful wife Djuana who turns 29 once again this week.  And to my only Daughter, who turns an amazing 5 this week.  I love you both very much, and don’t care who knows it….

As we wrapped up our fall conference this week I couldn’t help but think about all the things that were mentioned.  But one that sticks out more than them all is the idea that all of us are ambassadors for the lord.

Its an amazing thought that, though we have many issues, failures, problems, insecurities, and sinful days, God still chooses us to be his representation on this planet.  We are not his mouth piece, we are his mouth; we are his hands, his feet, his arms, and every part has a part to play.

In Matt. 5:13-16 Jesus says, we are salt and light, but when salt has lost its flavor, and light has gone out how will salt become salty again, and how will light be illuminated once more?

When we think about the thought salt and light, we could whittle it down to just one word, INFLUENCE.  Influence is what we have if we are a light to the world, influence is what we have if we are salt to the world.

Salt does many things, it preserves, purifies, gives energy, melts the cold, and many others.  Light illuminates the darkness, causes growth, gives life, and many other things.  and really that’s what we are. we are the light to a dark world.  We are a flavor to a bland and boring world.

What’s amazing is, though we fall short, though we have issues, God still chooses us as his representation.  I don’t know about you, but i want to live up to my part of representing Him well.

Pastor Steve challenged us during this fall conference to be better at leading others toward Jesus.  Well, Leading is simply, “INFLUENCE”. I would say, that all of us are either influenced by the world or we are influencing the world.  Let’s make sure its the latter.  Jesus not only die so that we might know him, but that we might make him known others.

Consumed By His Call,

Pastor Charlie Dial