I just wanted to take some time to send an encouragement to you from some of the things we’ve been studying. I know not all of you were able to make it over the past few weeks. But I believe what we have been studying on Wednesday’s and Sunday’s, will help us live the life God desires us to live.

Last night I woke up and the Lord began to share with me again the idea of “BLESSED ARE THE PURE IN HEART FOR THEY SHALL SEE GOD.’ So I got up and began to re-read my notes from that message. God seem to encourage me that with the purity of motive and the single undivided loyalty to him, that I would begin to see Him in every part of my life.

As I read through the notes, I recalled, that pure in heart simply meant, “to have a heart without mixed motives or divided loyalties.” But what really encouraged me, was the thought that a pure heart is NOT SINLESS PERFECTION. God understands we sin, God knows we fall short of His glory, God knows that until this flesh puts on immortality, we will struggle with it.

Prov. 24:16 says, For a righteous man may fall seven times, but through His righteousness he will rise again. A pure heart isn’t a perfect heart, but it is a devoted heart to its master.

You and I may not be perfect, but we can be totally devoted to God. I recently gave the example, and many of you would agree, that we may not be the perfect spouse, but we can be a devoted spouse.

In our lesson some of you will remember that we talked about Saul and David. Even though Saul was rejected by God, he never had the moral failures that David (who was a man after God’s own heart) had.

Saul’s heart was divided. Saul loved himself and his position many times more than he did the Father. Saul not only had a divided heart, but he was a man of partial obedience. In 1 Samuel 15:19-22 Saul was sent to destroy the Amalikites. Yet when he went – he spared the king and some of the best livestock. Samuel comes and says, “did you not know that God desires obedience more than sacrifice.”

Remember, Partial obedience is really full rebellion. And when we walk in rebellion, we usually try and justify our actions. We like Saul will say, I will do this or that as a sacrifice to the Lord, yet the Lord has instructed us clearly of his desire for us.

I look at the lives of David and Saul and realize that i don’t really need to be the spotless perfect person, but rather the fully devoted, single vision, one motive in living this Christ-like life person.

David was not perfect, and neither are we, but I believe that I can still hear the Father say, “You are a man after my own heart.”

The Bible says, that God is a jealous God. I believe that He wants his kids to have no divided loyalties or motives in their hearts. NOT PERFECT BUT DEVOTED..