Happy Thursday everyone:

I just felt like I should take time and reiterate the key thoughts from the message last night. I know not all of you were able to make it. But I believe this is one of those important truths that will cause us live life on a higher level. I believe that God has given us so much in our lives by his grace and love, and yet sometimes we forget to acknowledge his grace and love when we sin or blow it.

Last night we read the scripture, Matt: 5:4 that says, Blessed are those that MOURN…..the idea is that God’s approval and favor is upon those that grieve over their sin and separation from God. Now I know that we as Christians should be joyful and excited about our life with Christ, but when we sin, we should be broken about it.
Luke 19:41 said that Jesus was broken and weeping about the sin of Jerusalem. Rom. 7:23-24 Paul grieved over his own flesh and weakness of giving into sin.

The KEY scripture is 2 Cor. 7:10 that says, Godly SORROW produces REPENTANCE leading to salvation. Godly sorrow is made up of 2 things. #1. Conviction and #2 Contrite heart.

Conviction means to be strongly convinced that you have broken the heart of God by sin. CONTRITE– is the feeling of deep sorrow and humiliation of heart because of one’s sin.

Both have the idea of being broken before God. I gave 3 thoughts last night about brokenness; the first one is, WIthout brokenness you cannot release the presence of God within you. John 12:1-3 talks about Martha who came and BROKE the bottle of perfume over Jesus’ feet and the fragrance filled the whole room. Only when she broke the bottle was the fragrance or ANOINTING OIL released.

Unless this outward shell or man is broken, you may contain the fragrance of Christ, you may be supernatural on the inside, but it will never flow out and touch the world. Never will it make a difference in some one’s heart.

Another point is that without BROKENNESS you cannot be touched by the presence of God. Yes you are saved, and on you way to heaven, but while you’re here you’re just void.
Many are like a Spiritual Jericho, a city that is shut up according to Scripture, that nothing could get in and nothing could come out.

Luke 8:43 is a story about the woman that had an issue of blood. and after many years of visiting and paying all that she had on physicians. She was now broke and dying. She pressed through and touched Jesus and Jesus said to the disciples someone touched me cause the anointing has left me. She received from God her miracle because of her brokenness.

The last thought is, without brokenness you can’t do mighty things for God. Moses couldn’t do anything until he submitted to the presence in the burning bush. after all of his i can’t do it and excuses, he fell on his face and worship God, and from that day became the greatest pastor that ever lived.

I want to challenge us to live broken today, So that we might be able to receive the presence of God, so that we might be able to express the presence of God, and that we might be able to do great things through the presence of God.

Who is it there with you today, or tonight that may need the presence, power, touch, love, grace or mercy of God? Let’s fill the room where we are with the fragrance and anointing of God through BROKENNESS. I pray you are all walking in the peace and posperity of the Lord today. God bless

Consumed by His Call,