Growth Track is a 4-week course for anyone considering membership as well as current members. Growth Track will allow you to learn who we are as a church and enable you to find your spiritual gifting and niche. It will help you to Connect to God and Each Other in a greater way!

Although we are asking all new and existing members to take these courses, it is not necessary to do them all back to back. We will be offering these classes every month, so if you miss a class one month, you can get in on it the next month.

The 4 Growth Track Courses:


Church 101 – learning all about our vision and who we are as a church, offered the 1st Sunday of each month.



Essentials 201 – learning all about the essentials of discipleship and growth, offered the 2nd Sunday of each month.



Discovery 301 – learning all about your giftings and where you fit into the body (why you were made the way you are), offered the 3rd Sunday of each month.



Dream Team 401 – plugging in to the church and finding a place to serve, offered the 4th Sunday of each month.

We will hold these classes right after church around noon and will provide lunch for you as well as childcare. Classes will last about one hour, and once you’ve attended a course, you don’t have to do it again.

Growth Track is our way of bringing greater unity to the body and personal growth to your lives. Every new person that comes through the doors will be implored to attend these classes.