Raising His Kids:

I think all of us want the best for our children. Over the past week I have thought a lot about my kids. After seeing the constant reports this week on the news of missing kids, abused kids, children that were taken tragically from this world, it made me realize just how important my kids are to me. Again, all of us want the best for our kids; we want them to grow up serving God, living for him, loving him and those around them. But how do we achieve it? What is our part in all of this? I want to take this week’s blog and give some suggestions.

1. We should PRAY for and with our children as often as possible. Let them see the reality of our faith as we turn to the Lord in prayer with our problems, issues or daily decisions. Encourage them by your example to praise God for the blessings of life every day. Read More

“Play Doh” in the Hand of God.

Do you remember playing with Play Doh when you were a kid?  It was fun to be able to make something out of the colorful clay and then proudly display it as a work of art.  While it was fun to see the final product, the real work began when you grabbed a handful of the dough and began to form it into the object of your choice.  You could pinch, shape, press and mold it into whatever you wanted and there wre no limits to the creations you could come up with.  In the same way, God wants your life to be like putty, or Play Doh in His hands.  When we become like moldable clay, we allow ourselves to be formed into His image and put on display by Him for everyone to see. Read More

And The WINNER Is!

Then He got into one of the boats, which was Simon’s, and asked him to put out a little from the land. And He sat down and taught the multitudes from the boat. Luke 5:3

Have you ever wondered how Jesus got people to follow Him? Maybe your one of those who think that since he was God, he just cast a spiritual spell on them, or put them under a trance. Or maybe you believe that he pick out the poorest, dirtiest men and promised them something and since they had nothing to hold on to, they followed Him. What was Jesus’ method of winning people to Him? Read More

Like Arrows In Your Hand.

Psalm 127 3-5 says, “….Children are a heritage from the Lord,…Like arrows in the hand of a warrior, So are the children of one’s youth.  Happy is the parents who has their house full of them.”  

Let’s talk about our kids.  I know we all love to talk about our children.  I have three awesome kids who are amazing.  Zac (10yrs) is just as smart as I am (just ask him) and loves to be right about everything.  Caleb (8yrs) is much like his mom, compassionate and warm and truly keeps us laughing with his quick wit.  Aryn (5yrs) is my soft spoken, live and love life young woman.  She has her moms beauty, brains, joy and her dad’s….uh…well nothing really. Read More

Standing Strong in Todays World

It’s pretty crazy out there, just listen to these news excerpt from today’s headlines…

From the Financial Times: Google and Nasa are throwing their weight behind a new school for futurists in Silicon Valley to prepare scientists for an era when machines become cleverer than people. *

From Reuters: Researchers who tried to use mouse, cow and rabbit eggs to make human clones said on Monday Read More

What will you have, Fear or Faith?

Many people think fear is a normal and acceptable part of life.  I’ve even heard some people say, “There’s nothing wrong with having just a little fear.”  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Fear is anything but normal.  From a natural perspective, fear is associated with simply being afraid. But spiritually speaking, fear is actually twisted faith.  It’s  having faith in the devil and what he can do, rather than having faith in God and His Word. Read More


Is your mind often plagued with negative thoughts of doubt, worry, fear or insecurity of any kind? You are not alone. Even great men and women of the Bible experienced these things. The Word said that even Jesus was troubled to the point of death in the Garden of Gethsemane when faced with His death on the cross. The reality is, the enemy will come against your mind with his negative suggestions, particularly if you are dealing with challenging circumstances.  Let me encourage you today that you can overcome them and emerge with more victories than you ever imagined. Read More

Love and Giving: Overcoming the Spirit of Selfishness during the Holidays

When was the last time you gave of yourself freely, not expecting anything in return, with an attitude that demonstrated willingness and excitement to give? God never intended for you to live as an island, and keep what you have been blessed with for yourself. Whether it is with your time, gifts, talents or financial resources; loving others means giving to them. God will bless and increase you when you purpose in your heart to be a blessing to others. Your love for people is demonstrated in your willingness to give.

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A Harvest from our Words

I’ve heard it before from ministers all across the world.  And I must say I agree with the statement.  The statement being, “Words are seeds“. In fact, whatever is in a seed must produce after its own kind. For example, an apple seed will produce apples. This principle is especially true where words are concerned. Words are a powerful force. Yet that force can be positive or negative. A situation can worsen when you speak your words (negative words) about it. By the same token, when you speak God’s words, (good and positive words) your circumstances will change for the better. This is because words are like the rudder of a ship. Once spoken, words begin to steer your life in a specific direction.

If you possess any doubt about how powerful words are, think about this for a moment: God created the heavens and the earth with words. Why is this significant? Because you are made in the image and likeness of God (Genesis 1:26), which means you are a ‘speaking spirit.’ You possess creative power and just like God, you frame your world with your words! Hebrews 11:3 says, By faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that the things which are seen were not made of things which are visible”.
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The Chance of a Lifetime

There is an old tendency in human beings to think we can worm our way out of the consequences of our actions.  If you’ve ever tried to finesse a police officer out of a traffic ticket, you know.  This tendency starts very early in life. 

At dinner one night one of our children was being very squirrelly—clearly headed for trouble.  We issued a warning: “Settle down or there will be serious consequences.”  Then there was a spill—of Exxon Valdez proportions.  Just as we were about to administer the consequences, the child, with a gleam in the eyes, pulled a dollar out of a pocket and said, “Maybe Mr. Washington can change your mind!”

There is One before whom we will all stand, every one of us.  This One is loving and holy and gracious and just, and he intends for us to understand that we really will give an account of our lives.  We will not be able to finesse our way around his throne.  Mr. Washington will not change his mind.

To reinforce this truth, Jesus tells a story of Three servants in Matt. 25:14-30.  And I find 3 things that run through this story that teach us important truths about our Father. Read More