The Priority of People

In God’s Kingdom, there are no lone rangers, on islands, no individuals who do it all.  Anyone who doesn’t need anyone else will be seriously limited in fulfilling the will of God for their life.  Even in the natural world, people skills are more important than technical skills.  Through the years I’ve known many people who had great technical skills, but their people skills were so bad that no one wanted to work with them.  They were great in terms of knowledge and ability, but the general attitude was, “Go somewhere else.  We don’t want to be around you.”  So no matter how much vision and strategy you have, if you don’t have good people skills – the ability to relate and build good relationships, you are seriously limiting you life.

Internet Safety: 2 Steps to Protecting Yourself and Family from Tabnabbing

Web browser ‘Tabnabbing”… It’s what the new security exploit is called when someone wants to trick you into thinking you’re logging into your email or facebook account when you have multiple browser tab’s open. With the advancement of new browsers that have “tabs” (which allow you to have many websites open on one browser window), come new ideas, not all of them good.

You can watch the full news story on YouTube by clicking on the link – – or watching the video after the break:

But basically, Tabnabbing is when your browsing the web and you come across an article or site that looks interesting and you right click on it to open it in a new tab. After the new tab opens, you switch back to finish the original article before moving onto the next. Once back on the original articles tab, the one that you just open changes to the look of the screen to your email or facebook login page, tricking you into thinking you’re logging into your email or facebook. You then enter in your username and password and the site redirects you to the real page you’d normally log into, all the while collecting your email and password.
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Emotions Follow our Thinking

Many people don’t realize their emotions follow their thinking.  Emotion doesn’t cause thinking.  It follows thinking.  So if you are blah and down and someone walks up to you and gets you to thinking about something good, suddenly your emotions come up.  The same is true in the opposite way.  If  I am feeling good, and someone gives me something negative to think about and I begin to give my thoughts to it, my emotions are down.  Our emotions will always follow our thinking.  Prov. 23:7 says, “For as a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” When we think good thoughts, our emotions are up and energy or power is apart of our life.  But when we think negatively, and the negative thoughts dominate our life, our emotions are down and we feel tired, depressed or discouraged.  When God said, his thoughts and ways were not ours, he wasn’t saying we couldn’t have his thoughts or ways.  In fact he gave us his thought and his ways through his word.  We can have power and energy in our lives by having the thoughts that are higher; God’s thoughts.  If our thoughts are negative today, let’s be quick to change so we can find the power we need to succeed.  Changing the thinking will change the emotion that follows.

Stir up the Gift that is in YOU

In 2 Tim. 1:6, Paul said to Timothy, Therefore I remind you to stir up the gift of God which is in you through the laying on of my hands”.  Why would Paul have to remind Timothy to stir it up?  Could it be that  it can get lost under all the fears, the worries, the anxieties, the problems, the negative circumstances and the negative people of life.  And if you’re not careful, that gift of God, that power and presence from God, can get buried under several pages of bad news reports, or problems at the office and home, or fights with a spouse or friend.  And pretty soon everything God has put in you is buried.  Paul says, “Stir up the gift of God that is within you!”  If when you look at your life you feel you only see the yogurt, then just stir it up and you’ll find “the fruit” (Holy Spirit).    Let’s fan into flames the gift that’s in us.

Keep on Smiling

Aryn and I are in Chicago O’Hare again this morning and we were on a smile:) mission. As we sat enjoying our Starbucks…me a skinny Caramel Machiatto and Aryn a hot chocolate and muffin, we once again noticed that no matter how hard we tried, people would not smile. It was as if when smiled to, they were staring into the face of aliens from Mars (or Venus if you please)! We decided to make a sign on the back of our Starbucks bag. It simply read per Aryn’s dictation, “Keep on Smiling!” She sat smiling and holding the sign. We started counting the smiles and even counted a half smile. When our 9 1/2 smiler came across our path, we noticed that she was intently paying attention to the fact that we counted her. She kept going and about two minutes came back in our direction. She came over to us and told us that we had made her day. She said she wanted us to know that this little action made a significant impact on her day and that little things matter BIG. She asked if she could take Aryn’s picture because she wanted to share it with her friends too and brighten their day! Yes! One person’s day made, Mission Accomplished!!!

P.S. Of the thousands that walked by…only 30 and a half smiles!:)

A Rewarding Marriage and Family

Here at Harvest Church some exciting things are taking place. For the month of June, and part of July, Pastor Charlie is teaching on marriage and family. This important series brings vital truths to help each person succeed in their marriage, raising children, and in relationships in general. So, whether you are married, single, have children, or not; this series is sure to enlighten you! Also, we are taking questions and on July 11th, we will be having a Q & A session to address some of the challenges we are facing on a personal level. If you would like to submit a question online, please leave a comment below. Come out and join us!

A Rewarding Marriage & Family from HarvestSF on Vimeo.

Facebook Membership in SD Passes up Denominations Membership

Crazy to think about the popularity of Facebook & social media; how it’s becoming more and more a means of communication and for some, a way of life (I’m talking to you farmvill’ians :)). Last week, I saw a lot of chatter from people on Twitter here in Sioux Falls, referring to a very interesting article published by The Post (

In it, they state:

Facebook adds the population of South Dakota every day and right here in South Dakota over a third of the population is on Facebook according to Facebook’s ad stats.

This begs the question, is Facebook South Dakota’s new religion?

Which makes me also wonder, how we as Christians feel about this? Not only the question itself, but Facebooks popularity. I’m sure there’s a variety of feelings out there, from jealousy, to anger, to excitement, to disbelief or denial. Regardless of the varying opinions, there’s one thought that reigns true in my head, which is “What a great opportunity”. Read More