Covid-19 Update

Good evening Harvest Church. I trust that you are well and finding something to be grateful for as together we navigate through this challenging time.

As the virus continues its spread, we will be hosting the next two weeks of services online. The services will go live at 9 am on Sunday mornings.

This means that we be will online for our Easter celebration on Sunday, April 12th. During this service, we will also take communion together. I wanted to let you know in advance so that you can prepare. You can either pick up communion in the form of juice and crackers at your favorite store OR if you feel comfortable, we will have our disposable communion cups available for you to pick up here at the church on Wednesday, April 8th from 1-2 pm and from 5-7 pm. It will be a drive-up option. When you arrive, please stay in your car and text the number of communion cups you will need for your family to 605-321-9501. We will keep your health and well-being as a priority as we provide this option to you.

During this unprecedented time, I would like to remind you to pray. This is probably the greatest thing you can do. First, pray that this virus comes to an end quickly. Next, pray that God will show you creative ways in which you personally can love and serve those around you while still keeping you and your family safe. Pray for those who are anxious, pray for those who are struggling financially, pray for the families of Harvest, pray for your civic leaders, and pray for those who may be sick. Finally, pray often but also be willing to tell others you are praying for them too.

Connecting Hearts to God and Each Other
Pastor Charlie