Top 5 Reasons “Beautiful 2014” Was Amazing

This past weekend Harvest Church hosted a very special women’s evening called “Beautiful.” The purpose of the event was to bring women of the church, along with their girlfriends, sisters, co-workers, and other special women in their lives together to hear a very important message from Pastor Djuana Dial.

Our verse for the evening was: Love others well, and don’t hide behind a mask; love authentically. Despise evil; pursue what is good as if your life depends on it. (Romans 12:9)

To summarize the evening in just one blog post will hardly do it justice…it was such an amazing night! But we thought we’d highlight the top five reasons for you (just in case you missed it) and to remind you that God’s grace is enough for you (so take off those masks and be yourself)!

Top 5 Reasons That Beautiful 2014 Was Amazing…

#1 We Sang and Worshipped Like Rockstars!

The night started out with a spirit-filled time of worship! The full Harvest Church worship team was in the house to lead this encouraging time of singing. You could really feel the Holy Spirit opening up the hearts of the women there, and preparing them to hear the message!

Harvest Church Sioux Falls - Beautiful carissa

#2 Some of Us Became Attresses

A special portrayal of a young girl encouraging four adult women to remove their masks was performed, with vocals and piano performed by Carissa Schoffelman (worship leader). This touching drama was a very moving visualization of how when we’re young we aren’t holding onto masks, but as we get older, we shield ourselves from the pain of the world by wearing them tightly. With a little help from those around us though, we can all be our true selves (and much happier) by removing the masks!

Harvest Church - Beautiful womens event 2014

#3 We Learned to Take Off our Masks (and then we burned them!)

Pastor Djuana Dial delivered a powerful and moving message about how we layer masks on throughout our lives, and how amazingly, each one of them fits on perfectly and tightly, making it hard to remove. She shared personal stories of her own masks, and even had her adorable daughter involved in demonstrating how we layer on the masks, but when we take them off, God gives us a new name. He restores us fully, and gives us a brand new chance to live life as he intended!

Afterwards we wrote down the masks that we each personally wear (on the backs of the masks that we brought with us) as a way of “stating it out loud.” Then we took these old masks of ours and burned them in fire pits outside of the church. What a way to release our old ways and start anew! No more masks and hiding behind facades that only dull our true selves!

Harvest Church - Beautiful - Djuana Dialburning-masks

#4 We Ate Lots of Chocolate!

No women’s event would be complete without lots of chocolate, right?! We enjoyed an indoor smores bar (how cool is that) and had a blast putting together our own gourmet creations. It was the perfect sweet touch to the evening!

chocolate-smores-harvest-church smores-harvest-church2 smores-harvest-church

#5 We Spent Time with Amazing Women!

It was truly a very special evening with women coming together and getting real with each other. We even had a photo booth where participants could get pictures with the masks they decorated (or without) prior to tossing them in the fire. Each woman who attended brought her own sparkle and shine to the party, and the smiles at the photo booth really showed it!

Beautiful - Harvest Church - Sioux Falls photo-8 photo-7 photo-6 photo-5 photo-4 photo-3 photo-2 photo-1


Thank you to everyone who came to the event! If you haven’t yet, please check out more pictures on our Facebook page.