Experiencing God for Yourself

Hearing someone’s story about a great tropical vacation can be mildly interesting. Seeing their pictures of the beautiful sky blue waters, the gorgeous ocean sunsets, and the white sand can make that story come to life in a whole new way. But experiencing the vacation destination for yourself is a completely different level of understanding. This is exactly what it’s like to experience God for yourself.

We can read the Bible stories, hear about the experiences of others, and even see pictures of great revivals. But until we experience these things for ourselves, we’ll never truly grasp the greatness of God’s presence and His power in our lives.

 All of us, with no covering on our faces, show the shining-greatness of the Lord as in a mirror. All the time we are being changed to look like Him, with more and more of His shining-greatness. This change is from the Lord Who is the Spirit. (2 Corinthians 3:18)

As we experience God first-hand, we become more and more like Him. We become a light, a beacon of hope. But too often, once we’ve had an encounter, a beautiful moment, or a tragedy that reminds of us God in our lives, we choose to do nothing with that revelation.

Getting Closer to God

For many of us, experiencing God means going to church. It’s practicing a certain religion and “doing” the motions of church every Sunday. Is this really what God wants for us though? When we go through the motions of church, are we actually experiencing anything? Or simply following along and calling it good? Read More