Faith’s Ragged Edge: Faith Over Failure

Do you mark your life more by failure than by faith?

Many of us do.

But if you look at the Bible, every person who ever did anything significant for God had no prior success. In fact, every one of them had a terrible resume.

  • Moses was murderer and had a studder.
  • David was an adultress murderer.
  • Peter (best friend of Jesus) denied Jesus three times on the day he was killed. (Then Jesus used him to preach the first ever message – and over 3,000 people were saved!)

God is at his best when He can take people who don’t have it all together and use them for His glory

God is a God of second chances! He is faithful and just to forgive. He doesn’t hold our wrongs against us.

Let’s look at Paul as an example. He wrote over ⅔ of the New Testament, but he was the least likely of people to be called to do so…

Before he was known as Paul, he was called Saul, and he was one of the biggest “haters” of Christianity. In fact, he was murdering and persecuting the church. But then God did something amazing… Read More